Beginners Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

We all have sat down on our comfy sofas, drinking soda, munching on potato chips and wondering if we could ever look like the muscular guy on a television screen. Or thinking if you could still run a mile nonstop, go on a cycling trip or just live life without being scared of your ever-growing BP or your diabetes.
You wanted to start but couldn’t figure out how to break free from your unhealthy lifestyle to Healthy Lifestyle or just dropped the whole plan because it seems to hard to actually accomplish it.
Let me show you a few basics steps which you can actually follow no matter how busy your work schedule is to get healthier.

1) Set a realistic goal for yourself

Everybody wants to look like a fitness model or a bodybuilder and he or she wants it to happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day. If you are a couch potato who can’t run 2 km without crashing after 5 mins, setting a goal like running a half marathon will only make you quit sooner than ever. Make goals that you can actually achieve in a limited time and then work hard to achieve Healthy Lifestyle.
Once you start accomplishing your goals, it would only drive you to train harder to get better.

2) Start reading the labels

Don’t get caught up in advertising gimmicks. That juice box that you just purchased which has “fruit pulp” in it, is actually just 30% fruit juice and is loaded with sugar. So you are paying a lot more to get a far worse product just because it is packed in a nice box.
Make it a habit to read the labels before you buy anything.
I would recommend that you use fresh products free from any preservatives. If you like juice with breakfast, make it yourself or buy from a vendor who makes it fresh.

3) Exercise or sports

It is proved by science that working out or playing a sport will actually make you feel better about yourself and increase your productivity. All those endorphins and that adrenaline rush is something to live for.
If you are a complete beginner go for a walk or easy jog in the morning. Take the stairs instead of lifts; go for a short walk after your lunch. These small steps are the building foundation of your healthy lifestyle.
Make everyday count.

4) Sleep

Recent surveys proved that half the population lack sleeps in today’s modern world. Your assignments and presentations are important but aren’t your health too?
Try to get 7-8 hours of good sleep. Our body gets rid of harmful toxins and builds the muscle fibers that were broken that day during your exercise. So if you want to grow and get better, put your phones and laptops aside and sleep.

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