Chabahar port: Strategic Milestone

India gets the access to operate in Chabahar port in Iran to connect with Afghanistan and Central Asia. Chabahar port has become the center of attraction for many countries especially for India, Iran, and Afghanistan but for some countries, Chabahar port becomes a serious problem for Pakistan and China. Chabahar port is the route which provides India direct access to central Asia via Iran to Afghanistan and reduces dependency on Pakistan for central Asia Route. Chabhar port will play a crucial role in the coming years for many countries.

1. No more Dependency on Pakistan


Chabahar port is a substitute for Afghanistan route via Pakistan. Pakistan route is short in length but the relation between and India and Pakistan very fragile and very unpredictable. Pakistan had always threatened India to disconnect India with central Asia and had done before many times in the past. Before Chabahar port India had only one option to connect with central Asia and Europe was through Pakistan so Pakistan had the advantage on that and he had blocked the corridor many times before to just humiliate India and effect on his Economy so India was looking for a substitute of Pakistan Route.

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2. Access to Central Asia & Europe

Access to Central Asia

Chabahar port gives India direct access to central Asia, Balkans countries any Baltic countries. Now India can tap central Asia, Balkans countries any Baltic countries for trade because in past India have very negligible trade with this region so now India can finally Increase its trade boundaries and have global reach and Now India can Utilise this route also a substitute for India to European countries via Suez canal route.

3. Substitute for Gwadar port

Chabahar and Gwadar port

Chabahar Port will be easy for many countries to trade through Chabahar port because Chabahar port has Better Geo-location than Gwadar port. It will connect many countries with each other and easy to trade between India, central Asia, and Europe but in case of Gwadar port, it is Chinese orientated project which only helps China to connect with African and Gulf countries.

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4. North-South Transport Corridor

North-South Transport Corridor

This route linked through North-South Transport corridor which main aim to connect and short the distance between North Asia and South Asia by introducing route of India-Iran-Azerbaijan- Russia to replace the traditional route of Suez Canal route to Europe. The main objective is to increase trade connectivity between major cities such as Mumbai, Moscow, Tehran, Baku, Bandar Abbas, Astrakhan, Bandar Anzali. This route reduced transportation cost by $2500 by per 15 tons of Cargo.

5. India Dominance in the Region

India Dominance

Chabahar port is a clear sign of the dominance of India in the Region because India is a growing Economy and it is very important to connect with other regions. Iran knows that India will be an economic superpower in the coming years and its presence in the Country ensure continuous trade with Iran. India developed Chabahar port and developing Rail network in the region to connect with Afghanistan and also investing in other projects despite US sanctions. India decision to keep the increase in trade and influence in Iran shows the dominance in the region despite US sanctions. India and Iran are moving in the direction to become strategic partners and also including Afghanistan in a strategic partnership.

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6. Strategic Partnership with Afghanistan

Afghanistan and India are having very good relations. India always favors and support Afghanistan in Infrastructure projects, terrorism and support them on International platforms. The USA sees India as the key player in Afghanistan development. India can trade with Afghanistan through chabahar port and provide Infrastructure and development programmes to

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