China and India in 2050: Fight for Superpower

Geopolitics decides the fate of the world and its keep changing throughout the centuries from Ottoman Empire from to British Empire “The Empire on which the Sun never sets” as its height British Empire was the largest empire foremost global power and sway over 412 million people, 23% of the world population and 24 % of the earth’s total land area. Then USA and USSR came as superpowers to dominate the world after a long rivalry between them its came to an end. The USA became the only superpower in the world till today but today geopolitical is still changing now the dominance is shifting from western to eastern countries, in more simple words northern American countries and European countries dominance is declining towards Asia especially to the all-time dominant countries by nature China and India.

British Empire

Both China and India were the richest and dominant from many centuries but the industrial revolution in European countries made them outdated and colonies of European countries and exploits them for their own good by damaging their resources and culture. Now both countries already became a regional power and focusing on to become the superpowers and now they having the same rivalry like British Empire and French Empire, USA and USSR had in past. Many statistical are already in favor of these two Asian Giants of supremacy in the world and it is confirmed that before 2050 USA will lose their dominance on the world like British empire lose their dominance to the USA and now history will repeat itself to the USA by losing their dominance to China and India.

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1. GDP by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

GDP by (PPP) 2018

Gross Domestic Product by Purchasing Power Parity In 2018 China dominating the world at over 25 trillion dollars and the USA come on second at over 20 trillion dollars and at third place India came with over 10 trillion dollars but world Economy will change in coming next 20 years the USA shift to third place and India will become the 2nd largest economy in the world by GDP (PPP) and China remain their 1st position by a very large margin and other countries will be far left behind in the economy and there will no chance for any other country other than USA match against India and China.



Nominal GDP

The USA is dominating in the world economy in 2018 at over 19 trillion dollars economy by having a huge gap over of 7 trillion dollars from China economy of over 12 trillion dollars and China is expected to cross USA Economy in 2026 – 2027. But India is the 6th largest economy in the world and India is very far from these 2 Economy giants but expected to match USA economy before 2060 and India is expected to become the 3rd largest economy in 2030 by achieving the target of 8 trillion dollars economy.


3. Military


The USA is expected to maintain their supremacy its military dominance in the world by 2045 by its technology and military budget of more than 1300 billion dollars but China will almost equal to USA defense in every aspect or maybe leave the USA Military behind in every aspect apart from USA Naval defense but China is also working in Navel at very Aggressively. India will be 3rd largest Military in the world by a military budget of almost 650 billion dollars.

CountryMilitary spending Billion $ (2045)

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4. Population

Population 2018

It is not a good factor but the population is a strength as well as a weakness for China and India because it provides large number Human capital and a very big market to other nation and for them also to sell and purchase of goods. Both India and China will share the home of a combined population of 3 billion having the 1/3 of the total share of world population in 2050 and India will surpass China by 2022 in terms of populations and no other will be able to cross the population of 500 million.

5. World Economy

The world economy is dominated by China by having a share of 18 % in GDP in PPP terms and the USA having a share of 16 % but India share only 7% of the world economy but these statistics will change in 2050. China will lead the world economy by 20 % of world economy and India will have the share of 15 % of the world economy and the USA will lose their dominance to 3rd place by only having share 12 % in the world economy. EU European union lose their share from 15 % to 9 % from 2016 to 2050 it actually means India will replace the EU, the whole continent of the former group of superpowers and China has already replaced the USA.

After 2050

After 2050 USA will start to lose their dominance very rapidly because history will repeat itself again like 1900 to 1950 British Empire was a sole Superpower in the world who starts losing their power to USA and USSR. The USA become and still a superpower since 1945 and it is easy to say that it will lose to Asian Giants but China will not be able to grow at the rate of 7 % instead of that China GDP growth rate will be decline to 2 % rate but India also not able to grow at 8 % but they will able to grow at 4 – 5 % rate which is very good for 45 trillion dollars economy to grow and it will be expected that India will surpass China Economy before 2100.

What will be the position of western countries and Pakistan?

At the end of 2050 UK could be down to 10th place and France will out of Top 10 Economies, Germany will remain at 9th place in Top 10 Economies but Italy will out of Top 20 world Economies. Only UK and Germany will able to sustain their places at bottom of Top 10 world Economies.
Pakistan is also growing Economy but terrorism an issue with India will effect there economy in the long term which makes a very huge difference between India and Pakistan that makes almost Impossible for Pakistan to counter India but still Pakistan will be in top 20 World Economies.

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