Diwali The most awaited festival of the year has arrived, as autumn sets in there are certain kind of aura that conquers our souls. No matter how old you get the excitement of this festival is irreplaceable, it still gives you nostalgia wherever you are. Lightings, fireworks, shopping, gifts, sweets, family get-together, all of this is synonymous with Diwali. When you are away from home this is a time of the year that you have planned your leave for and your tickets are booked already and this is the time you just can’t miss to spend time with your family.

Fireworks are the highlights of this festival, be it, children or adults, shopping for crackers from those metres long stalls loaded with all sorts of your favourite crackers is something you cannot miss. I still remember carrying two bags with me with my dad when I was a kid to go for this crazy cracker shopping and keeping it in sunlight so that it loses any sort of moisture as I couldn’t afford to miss any of those sounds when I burst them.

All of us still have this excitement, right? Even at the cost of ours and our families and friends health?  The ones with whom we can’t wait to meet at Diwali? Why burst crackers and mark the festival of Diwali, what thrill does it give in harming the nature, harming wildlife, our own health. Last year we had ourselves seen and experienced what these toxic chemicals had done to the air quality, suffocating our lungs and those itchy eyes. The smog that followed days after Diwali was alarming, it is nature warning us against the cruelty we are doing towards it and not realising it is going to hit us back very soon. The increasing number of casualties of lung disorders following Diwali didn’t only include asthmatics but also the healthy individuals, newborn and of course the old age people.  Apart from polluting the air, it has an alarming increase in noise pollution as well, there were cases reported of eardrum injury, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and permanent hearing loss in severe cases both in humans and wildlife.

Is this the right spirit that we should celebrate Diwali a festival which marks the victory of good or evil, right over wrong? We being civilized and educated should hold the sole responsibility of creating awareness in our family, our Neighbourhood and society protecting it and being sensible enough in preserving our nature.

Let’s stand together against the bursting of crackers and doing our bit in safeguarding nature, we cannot always expect the government to make rules if we start as an individual today by saying no to crackers this Diwali the change is already started. Let’s make Diwali a festival of joy and good health, wishing everyone an Eco-friendly Diwali!

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