Facebook – The Least trustable Company In The World

A research company named Toluna recently did a survey of 1000 people to find out the company that they least trust with their personal information. And quite obviously, it turned out that nearly 40% of the respondents do not trust Facebook with their personal data anymore.
With one controversy after another, this year has caused serious damages to the reputation of the biggest social-networking website. People had hardly forgotten the Cambridge Analytica Scandal when a new massive data leak came in limelight in late September. According to reports, personal data of nearly 50 million accounts were exposed to unwanted access which included the account of the co-founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg.

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Mark Zuckerberg

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Now, people have started to question the integrity of the platform and many have suggested ditching the platform altogether.
The second position was shared between Amazon and Twitter with 8 percent of respondent’s votes.
Uber was on 3rd position followed by Google on fourth with 7 percent and 6 percent votes.
Now, you must be wondering which companies were rated the most-trustable.
Netflix and Tesla turned out to be the trustable companies with just distrust of 1 percent of respondents.
However, the research was confined to 1000 respondents only and the results may differ in other countries and localities based on their personal experiences.
How much do you trust these platforms with your personal data?

Article is written by Subhash Yadav

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