Is Cricket the only sport in India

The title says it all..right? Let me ask you a question first, how many of you have played cricket in their childhood or still playing it when you have the time or watch a cricket match with full enthusiasm and setup of food, snacks and everything when you sit to watch it. I think most of us do that right. We just love cricket, it’s like a second life for us. But here comes the more important question, how many of you have actually played or watch or even have any interest in any other sports or sporting activity? Very few right? This is where the heading of this article comes in.

A lot of kids and young boys might play different sports, be it kabaddi in their backyards or lawns with their friends, might play badminton or any other sport but how many of them come home with a dream in their eyes or have passion for continuing playing those sports and to actually start thinking to have career in it or at least playing it at the highest national level….forget about international. None right? Because at the end of the day when we come back home and switch on the television and tune into sports channel, all we can see is a broadcast of a cricket match either live or highlights and we too want to see that right because that’s the only sport that we saw while growing up.

We as a nation actually do have to think about it where is country heading in terms of a sporting nation. Our country just seems to follow a single path from a long time that is cricket. It is actually high time that India should focus on becoming a sport’s loving nation rather than mere cricket loving nation.

The popularity of cricket as compared to any other sport is so much that whenever you ask a kid what he wants to becomes when he grows up is a very quick and obvious response that u will get is – cricketer! He wants to become Sachin, Dhoni, Sehwag, Virat Kohli, he wants to become famous as a cricketer. So here is the reason for the neglected sports in India other than cricket. And it also saddening to see the state of our women cricket team as well. Why is it so biased when it is about cricket? I guess first the government should be held responsible for such a neglect regarding other sports because the central sports authority is the one responsible for promoting a particular game its players financially and on the international level also.

The funds that are provided in the training and selection of players itself has not fulfilled a basic necessity as this. Until and unless we train players, support them financially promote them in national and international games is only when a change is supposed to happen. Why players winning awards in sports other than cricket are applauded for a day or two when they win a trophy or medal and eventually their name vanishes from all news channels, papers, then their efforts their challenges in reaching this nick in their life are forgotten. No supports are extended to them later in life, they live a life of unfulfillment with not enough money to support their families and on contrary cricketers as soon as they enter the cricket team start getting offers for advertisement and the promised jobs and a secured life forever.

Why don’t we support all the games on this large scale as cricket is celebrated where people not only know the sport but also acknowledge the tremendous hard work the players do. Cricket is not just watched but celebrated all over India. It’s a fantastic thing to have a passion for a particular sport but at the cost of other players hard work and neglecting and dominating other wonderful sports? How did we come to know about cricket as a game for the very first time? Saw your elder brother or uncle or father watching it with full enthusiasm after returning from office? Let’s accept the fact that all of us are thrilled when we sit to watch cricket because that’s what we have been seeing from childhood, the most talked about games.

The neglected state of other sports in India holds responsible not just a particular group but many including media, t .v, government as well as the more flourished society of India the businessmen who invest such huge huge amounts and have made it a business demolishing the sporting spirit. The media, television are majorly responsible for telecasting only one game and making news out of it every now and it that only cricket deserves that attention and respect as a game?

As far as sports is considered, I feel each and every sport is equally important, it should gain popularity so immensely that more people come to know about each sport and the nation will be thrilled to watch every game with the same enthusiasm as cricket. When we see our performance in Asian games or Olympics I feel we Indians players for every field perform really well even without the proper facilities and benefits they receive. I just wonder how well we could perform internationally if the basic requirements and expectations of every payer belonging from different sports are fulfilled.


Why do we want to become like the famous cricketers and not players of others sports like Mahesh Bhupathi, Sardar Singh, Vishwanathan Anand, Hema das, and names we don’t even know or heard of who have brought laurels tour country not nationally but internationally as well.

India is full of talents and what we need at this point are proper facilities, good direction and equality in the field of sports, we want media to be more responsible in covering other sports than just the famous cricket, showing the lives and efforts of people of players from all around the nation. We want that the government should take responsibility of providing funds and making the reach the required authority and giving them the all the necessary facilities for training and also provide employment to them even after retirement so that it keeps them motivated and encourage other aspiring players to follow their sports passionately.

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