Thalaivaa’s Robot 2.0

Friday holds a very special yet critical relationship with the film industry from times immemorial as it is the day when the stars and the public wait patiently for their favorite movies to release at the box office. And outing these days majorly constitutes of watching your favorite film every weekend. So we can assume what impact movies have on our lives and hence it is important these days to make movies that entertain the public and more importantly holds a special lesson and create awareness as well. One such movie which is so talked about from the last week release is 2.0 (sequel to ROBOT) starring Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson which is hugely appreciated by the critics and public.


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For the content of the movie, such movies are made in years that deal with the ongoing concern of society. The movie is basically about the use of mobile phones and the adverse effect it is having on humans and wildlife and consequently nature. The extinction of sparrows and decreasing no. of crows are the example which we have seen ourselves and let us tell u these are alarming. The radiation which these cell phones and gadgets produce has started showing its ill effect and which is beautifully portrayed in this movie. Movie 2.0 is a sequel of the famous movie Robot featuring Rajnikant as robot chitti who got dismantled in the end. The movie features Rajnikant the dismantled robot chitti as character vassekaran the android in 2.0. The movie has an important character named Pakshi Rajan who loved birds, studied their behavior and takes revenge from the android users as it was due to the radiations from mobile phones and gadgets that caused the birds to die and eventually got extinct.

This movie became the most hyped movies for all right reasons as it is the most expensive films in the history of Indian cinema budget of INR 543 crore and 9th most expensive non-English language film by production cost (US$ 75 million dollars). The shooting of the film was primarily shot in Chennai and partly in Delhi and the schedule of this movie lasted for approximately 2 years. 2.0 is a movie which was shot in 3D and in India itself to be the first of its kind to be shot by Indian cinematographer Nirvan Shah.

The 147 minute 3D movie won hearts of not only the public but the critics as well for the solid animation and visual effects it had. The film made a huge opening and still hitting the box office and it is estimated to be the movie of the millennium in every way.

Robot 2.0 gross approx 520 crores across the globe and expected to break many records in Indian cinema.

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