Overthinking – Cause of Unhappiness


Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul

– Ezra Taft Benson


So…. have you been gifted by it or have developed this skill with time??? Jokes apart, how random can it be, and what leads you to overthink even the minutest of things in life? Is it the loneliness or the problem of you thinking too deeply about a phrase said to you or any incident that happened a day ago suddenly hits you. Well, I feel overthinking is no disease and can be easily dealt with by identifying your negative thoughts and by stopping the series of thoughts that follow.

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Why It Happens?

Overthinking is a problem I guess which might be faced by anyone be it celebrities, your own friends, anyone, it has absolutely no discrimination. It can be for confusing for you at times to take the simplest of decisions, like say for example buying your birthday dress… where you want a specific colour a specific pattern or a dress which you had seen someone wear and in this process of finding the perfect dress you lose all the fun and excitement till the time u have to actually wear it. The most vulnerable time according to me for all such thoughts is at night when u lie in bed and all the incidents that have happened all day long start revolving around you and you start finding answers and explanations for everything, you start to question yourself, your capabilities probably just anything. In this process when all these thoughts have encircled you and you look at the clock and find its already morning and you have not been able to sleep for the whole night for a thing so trivial.. PHEWWW!!!!  I think this is where you should STOP and take steps to stay away from such thoughts that break you from inside, which make u question about your own credibilities and its time to let only positive thoughts surround you.

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Say Goodbye to Overthinking

Now is the time when you realise that it’s you who should let go of words and incidents that bring you down, the past that has not let you move forward, it is time for you to set yourself free of all the situations that you have created by overthinking and which were maybe never there.  We can overcome this process of thinking too deeply about situations by maybe being quick and precise in taking decisions and by enjoying the moment by focussing on your sole happiness.

Realise that this is the time for you to close doors for all negativity and sorrows and to bid farewell to the shy and under confident person that you once were. Just let yourself free towards the world which is full of positivity only, where you can be your own hero and where there is nothing which you cannot accomplish.

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