Top 10 countries by foreign exchange reserves

1. CHINA – 3.05 Trillion Dollars

China is Economic Giant and having a good time across globe and leading in the foreign reserves more than excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

2. Japan – 1.25 Trillion Dollars

Japan ranked 2nd in the list at 1.25 trillion dollars but the difference is very big between China and Japan and looking very difficult for Japan to catch up with China on foreign reserves.

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3. Switzerland   –    800 Billion Dollars

Switzerland is the third Richest landlocked country and economy dependent on Swiss Banking Industry and Tourism. which make
Switzerland very wealthy country with foreign reserves of 800 billion dollars.

4. Saudi Arabia     – 506 Billion Dollars

Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich country and by far the largest and most profitable oil exporter in the world and have a huge amount of foreign reserves of 506 billion dollars.

5. Russia     –   467 Billion Dollars

Russia is one of the leading producers of oil and natural gas globally, extensive mineral and energy resources are the largest reserves in the world.

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6. Taiwan   –  462 Billion Dollars

Taiwan is a technology-based economy and having large exports makes Taiwan holding a large amount of Foreign Exchange Reserves of 462 billion dollars.

7. Hong Kong     –  423 Billion Dollars

Hong Kong is Highly dependent on international trade and finance. Hong Kong is also Known for their trade practices and also regarded as among the most Favorable places in the world.

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8. South Korea    –    404 Billion Dollars

South Korea is an Asian Economy Giant and widely regarded as manufacturing giant. South Korea Exports are very high as compared to their Imports.

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9. India    –    398 Billion Dollars

India is a developing Country and fastest growing Economy in the world. Indian Economy based on the Service sector and India wants to become Manufacturing Hub which helps in increasing their Exports.

10. Brazil     –  380 Billion Dollars

Brazil is South America Economic giant and 8th largest Economy by Nominal GDP and 8th largest Economy by Purchasing power Parity. Brazil has natural resources which includes vast amount of Gold, Uranium, Iron and timber.

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