Top 10 Visa Free Countries for INDIA

Excited with the mere thought of traveling to nearby countries without worrying about your visa. Let us give you that reason to be happy and travel to countries without a visa by listing them here for you. Let us also tell you that our Indian visa is legit enough to allow you a stay in countries without a visa or in countries where they stamp it on your passport on arrival only. So we guess the reason is enough for you to pack your bags and get ready to explore countries you have always wanted to visit by saving every penny of your salary.


Nepal being the neighboring country to India remains a fabulous choice for budget conscious travelers who can explore the famous trekking routes, breathtaking mountain views, and wildlife. I personally feel that Nepal is the most underrated travel destination but according to us, it’s one of the best places to visit, for its untouched valleys and hilly areas. A place where you must visit includes the Pashupatinath temple and Bhaktapur Durbar a UNESCO heritage reflecting the cultural diversity of Nepal.


Yes, you read it right, Hong Kong to offers Indians entry in their country without a visa. This country is one of the most densely populated countries of the world with massive tourist attraction for the high market and the shopping center that it is. You can have a view of the floating island which is one of its kinds. It has been the most loved destination for Indians traveling out of the country.

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Guys what comes to your mind when you hear a holiday in Mauritius? Beaches, exquisite hotels and those extravagant results, right? Mauritius has these breathtaking reefs and lagoons for years to visit with a wide range of street foods. So don’t wait, just fly down to Mauritius for your next vacation outside the country. – Mauritius attracts a huge population of tourists every year and why not? Who would not want to enjoy the beaches with powder white sands and soaking in the sun is all you have been wanting lately! Adventure activities are add on plus the amazing range of seafood serves you the best when holidaying in Mauritius.


Jamaica an independent state the largest island in the Caribbean Sea after Cuba and Hispaniola with huge mountains all across the island. The important sites include Kingston, Spanish tower and Montego Bay. Jamaica is also known as the land of “wood and water” is a prime hiking location and provides best bird watching experience. Montego Bay is the perfect pick for snorkeling and shopping. They have this surreal range of hotels and resorts to give you all the comfort you are looking forward to your international holiday.

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At the edge of Himalayas, Bhutan offers these mesmerizing sights and grand temples and you can indulge in the totally Buddhist influenced a culture of the Shangri La. Bhutan is also known as the happiest country and I think this is the place where you should head to if you’re looking for peace and satisfaction. The land consists of high and steep mountains innervated by swift rivers from valleys. Bhutan attracts many travelers from across the globe for its serenity and vibrancy.


There is no description required when it’s about the Maldives. The sunny days with cool breeze are the treat you can give yourself when you are in the Maldives. The hot and humid climate is also accompanied by intermittent rains which make the weather even more pleasant. Exquisite resorts await you for the warmest of welcome and the Maldivian culture will blow your mind and wake it up for all the stressful days you have had. So, no more waiting, just plan a holiday in the Maldives for your next vacation without the need to go through visa documentation.

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Cambodia located in southeast Asia allows you a visa at check-in so don’t you worry to keep Cambodia in your next holiday destination list as you cannot miss the lush green sight and the rich culture and cuisine it has. Cambodia is a multicultural country with huge old monuments depicting the religious and ethnic background. Angkor Complex, Sihanoukville beach, Phnom Penh city and Kampot for seafood are destinations which you cannot miss to visit.


Also known as Las Vegas of China has every luxury and entertainment plans for you. It’s all sparkly and happening with events, a wide range of cuisine, gambling, shopping and adventure activities, absolutely everything you need to live your best life, and yes without a prior visa. From Macau Town, skywalk, bungee jumping, tower climbing like adventures to enjoy the best of cuisines and various restaurants. There are reasons enough for you to give this place a visit and make it a memory of a lifetime.

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This beautiful and exotic island located in the center of the south Pacific welcomes Indian citizens for tourism without visa documentation. The turquoise and crystal clear water beaches are the ideal holiday destination. It has over 333 tropical islands which are equally mesmerizing and worth spending your time in the extravagant resorts and hotels.


Jordan the Arab country of the southeast is the rocky desert that occupies an ancient land, one that has a multi-civilization in it. The major tourist attraction when you visit Jordan must include the historical sites like PETRA one of new Seven Wonders of the World, the Jordan River, Mount Nebo, Madaba, and various mosques and churches. Jordan is not only famous for its historical sites but also surprises you with various adventure activities like hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more. Jordan exclusively also offers health, education and shopping tourism. So why wait to plan this famous country as your next international holiday destination.

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