Top 5 Smart Cities in India under Construction

1. GIFT city ( Gujarat )

Gujarat –infrastructure-Finance-Tec City is a Special economic zone promoting by the government of Gujarat and located on the bank of Sabarmati River and 12 km away from Ahmadabad international airport. GIFT city is divided into 4 phases and phase 1 includes construction of basic utilities many of which are being introduced in India for the first time features like district cooling system, underground utility tunnel, and automated vacuum waste collection and two commercial towers GIFT ONE and GIFT two have been Finished and some other towers.

Phase 2 includes the construction of other buildings like Hiranandani signature building, world trade center building and couples of buildings and construction of more roads.
Phase 3 will include construction of iconic building and towers of GIFT city and commencement of the fully built city. Construction includes GIFT Diamond tower, GIFT Gateway Towers, GIFT crystal towers, GIFT convention center, and World trade center and phase 4 includes Enpeoplement fills the city with the humans.

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2. Dholera SIR ( Gujarat )

Dholera SIR Project is situated in Dholera town in Ahmadabad district, dholera is an ancient port city in Gulf of Khambhat and dholera SIR is a dream project of Narendra Modi as special investment region. Dholera SIR is a very ambitious and dream project of the government of India and government of Gujarat like construction of a new International airport, Metro train, DMIC, and Power hub projects. Dholera SIR Project on an activation area of 22.5 square kilometers includes 6 lane expressways, high-speed train, railways, and ports.

this project comes under the DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) project which is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world. Which make Dholera SIR the global trading and manufacturing Hub.

3. Amaravati ( Andhra Pradesh )

Amaravati is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. The planned city is located on the river bank of Krishna River in Guntur district. Amaravati is being constructed to serve as the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh after Telangana was split off as a separate state in 2014.
Capital construction includes new six-lane roads, highways, high-speed railways, New International airport, and a cricket stadium. Government institute like the judicial building is about to complete. Amaravati will be the economic and infrastructure marvel of Andhra Pradesh and the city infrastructure will be developed in 7-8 years in phases. The investment made by various sources like Singapore based company, the government of India and the World Bank.

4. Kochi smart city ( Kerala )

Smart city Kochi is an information technology special economic zone in Kochi, Kerala. Kochi smart city is developing by a joint venture of the government of Kerala (16 %) and Dubai holdings (84%). This project is specially developed for IT/ITES/allied Services and project is estimated to produce almost over 90000 jobs.
The whole project is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 includes the basic utilities, construction of 6.5 lakh square feet IT tower SCK- 01 and some associated infrastructure. Phase 2 includes some other towers to be completed under phase 2 and expected to be completed by 2021.

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5. Khed city Pune ( Maharashtra )

Khed city is situated in Pune, India. Khed city is developed as an example of a manufacturing hub with the latest infrastructure. The vast expanse of planned city infrastructure forms a smart support system for manufacturing industries.
manufacturing city is spread across 4200 acres of land with best in class infrastructure. Khed city will be the manufacturing hub of Maharashtra region with some iconic buildings.

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