Top Haunted Places of Rajasthan

Those who have a belief that they fear nothing, those miniscule some better get buckled up, for there are myriad of places in Rajasthan, being an epitome of such mystery land which will put your belief to rest. Rajasthan thus becomes a huge attraction for ‘supernatural enthusiasts’ and ‘Ghostbusters’, who come here to feel and in a way witness such mystic things that surrounds the vicinity of Rajasthan. So brace yourself as we unearth such Haunted places for you.


A name that is well known for heart ripping paranormal activities and ghost sightings. The infamous ruins of Bhangarh are located at the edge of Sariska tiger reserve.”No entry after sunset and before sunrise ” says a board that has been put up by the Archeological survey of India. It is forbidden to venture in darkness. Bhangarh has a lot of scariest and spookiest legends attached to it. People have reported sounds of bangle breaking, children crying and women asking for help. Bhangarh is famous for all the wrong reasons and this 17th-century fort will give you sleepless nights.

Rana Kumbha Palace


At these old and charming ruins, in the royal citadel of Chittor, lived the Mewar Kings. Here, in the 14th century, in one of its cellars, a huge pyre was lit and beautiful Queen Padmini and all the women at the Mewar court committed “Jauhar” (self-immolation), by jumping in the high flames when the dynasty was attacked by Delhi Sultan, Alauddin Khilji.
Since that day screams of women crying and asking for help can be heard. A woman dressed in royal attire and a burned face has been sighted numerous times and is believed to be the spirit of Rani Padmini. This place will haunt the breath out of you.

NH-79, near Dudu village

Infamous NH-79 also known as the road that asks for blood. The part of highway close to Dudu village has numerous ghastly legends attached to its name. One of the most popular legends is that when India was still suffering from Child marriage, a 5 days old girl was to be married to a 3-year-old toddler. The mother of the girl was not ready for this marriage, so she took her daughter and ran away. She ran towards the highway crying for help but she got hit by an oncoming vehicle. The impact killed the infant and the mother and the mother blamed the highway for the death of her daughter. Since that day she has been terrorizing the travelers: laughing, singing with her daughter in her embrace.

Brit Raj Bhavan

In ancient India when it was still ruled by the British, Brit Raj Bhavan was the British residency and the home of Major Charles Burton. One day Burton saw a large party approaching the Bhavan.He assumed it was a friendly visit by the troops of Maharaja. But soon he realized that they were Indian militants who were there to kill Burton and his family. Scared for life Burton took refuge with his two sons and a few arms in a room. After 5 hours of firing Burton and his sons surrendered, pleading for life. Indian militants killed Burton and his sons and since that day Burton has been haunting the place. Several sightings of him have been reported.
Today Brit Raj Bhavan is a Heritage hotel open for all.

Kuldhara Village

20 kilometers from Jaisalmer, lies the ruins of Kuldhara, which is believed to be cursed. The eerie silence, minimal vegetation and the absence of any living being are bound to send chills in your spine.
Kuldhara was once inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins, a very prosperous clan known for their agricultural skills and knowledge. One day one minister of the ruling kingdom saw a young girl. The minister fell in love and announced that he is going to marry her no matter what. The girl was the daughter of the village chief. All the people of Kuldhara Village decided to run away and they did. The very next morning Kuldhara was left abandoned by its own people. Nobody saw or knows where all the people went. And it is still unknown. Before the villagers left they cursed the village – that no one would ever be able to settle down in ruins of Kuldhara again.

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