Train 18 – Competing with the West

India is busy making milestones in the field of infrastructure, space, defence sectors but the most revolutionary innovation is made in railways and the innovation is Train 18 which Promote “make in India” initiative of building semi high-speed train in India which is fully loaded with specification of high standards in built quality and services which are same as we looking for in other rail networks around the world.

Train 18 stands for train 2018 which is self-explanatory and designed and Built by ICF ( Integral Coach Factory) Chennai in planned time of 18 months and train 18 is India’s first engineless train and capable of running at the speed of 160 Km Per Hour. The unit cost of the first rake of train 18 was given as 100 crores (US$ 14 million) and they had delivered at given Time and price if they import the similar train from any European country it will cost them 40% more than the actual cost and ICF claims that unit cost expected to go down subsequently productions.

Train 18 will be the fastest train in India when it will be officially on tracks and there were official announcement of Train18 first route was Delhi- Bhopal now they are thinking to link it to the Moradabad and Train 18 will be replacing the Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi express which reduces the travel time along the route by 15% or even more. The trial run will be done in Moradabad on 17 of November if the trail able to achieve its benchmarks then there will be more productions and then starts replacing the Shatabdi express across India. Train 18 can easily outpace the Shatabadi Express by 30 Km per hour and the train regenerative brakes are also expected to allow a 30% savings of electricity cost compared to Shatabdi Express.

Train 18 is fully loaded with the specifications inside out and it feels like transforming the Indian railway into some European railway train system and from outside exterior point of view you cannot recognize India’s miracle.

1. Train 18 is India’s first engine-less train and it is an all air-conditioned chair car train with 16 coaches executive and non-executive classes and having modern look with a continuous window on the exterior with having a seating capacity of 1128 passengers.

2. The gates are automatic with sliding foot-stepper below the gates. Train gates will only open when the speed is 0 kmph and when the foot stepper is sliding towards the railway platform.

3. There is 2 executive compartment in the middle of the train of capacity of 52 seats each and trailer coaches having 78 seats.

4. There is 360-degree seat rotation in the executive which means you can rotate your seat to any direction like facing a window, aligned towards moving direction and so on.

5. Train 18 is equipped with CCTV (closed-circuit television) which helps him in closing the door like in Metro Trains and emergency talk back units through passengers can talk to the crew members in the case of emergency.

6. Train 18 is self-propelled on electric tracks like in the metro trains and does not require an engine to run.

7. Train 18 makes passengers journey more comfortable in every term like onboard Wi-Fi service, infotainment system and GPS-based passenger information system.

8. Train 18 comes with modular toilet bio vacuum system and disabled-friendly toilets.

9. Train 18 is inter-connected fully sealed gangways which mean all coaches are connected to each other and you can easily move to coaches to coaches like in metro trains.

10. It comes with roller blinds and diffused lighting and it is similar to the lighting in the aeroplane.

Train 18 set the standard and benchmark for the upcoming future projects and train 18 will be most expected to be on tracks January or February 2019 after the trial run by team of research design and standards organisation and there will be one more train is in waiting of same flagship Train 20 which is expected to on track 2020 which replace Rajdhani Express. ICF said now they can produce 300-500 sets of train 18 because they already have the production unit and now we can say that our railway system can compete with European countries railway systems and it will keep evolving and matching all the standards with other railway systems.

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