What to Eat Before You Go to the Gym

Selecting the goods to eat day to day can be challenging and it creates confusion when you have a lot of option available in the market. Every workout is different so food should be like this which gives you energy when you hit to the gym.

In our opinion, it is not good to eat the same breakfast or meal daily so you should change your meal plan depending on the workout you are doing like sprinting, yoga or weightlifting.

Nutrients You Need

When you go to the gym it is necessary for you to have something to eat which gives you carbohydrates and protein. Eating carbohydrates will give you Energy which helps in the good workout and it does not make you feel low in the gym. Eating Protein will prevent you from hunger during the workout.

Nutrients to Avoid

It is advised not to eat high fat and high fibre foods like pizza, etc within two or three hours of workout. These foods take a long time to digest than protein and carbohydrates. We recommend eating protein-containing foods especially during higher impact exercise like running.

What are the Best Foods?

The best food would contain higher carbohydrates and moderate protein. Carbohydrates should be easy to digest if you take before going to a gym. If you are a beginner and don’t know what is best for you then must try these foods in the intervals during the workout. For example apples, dried fruit, high protein chocolate etc. You can also go for chicken breast and nowadays there are so many protein bars available in the markets which are very helpful to you during the workout.

Pre Workout Meal Ideas

  • If your workout is in the morning – take 2 eggs, 1 banana, half glass milk and protein bars.
  • If your workout is in the afternoon – try a whole wheat sandwich, green salad, Fresh Juice.
  • If your workout is in the evening – take yoghurt, apple or milk.

You can also share your meal plan in the comment section and what do you like to eat before you hit the gym? We will consider it and tell you the benefits and side effects after consulting the Dietician.

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